Autozone Distribution Center – Pasco, WA
The Autozone Project consists of a 430,000SF building done with a Ductilcrete Slab System reducing the original amount of joints by almost 5 miles in length extending the joint spacing to the columns at 54’x54′. Other work includes 615,000SF of 3D site paving. Completed in October of 2016.

Preferred Freezer Services – Richland, WA
The PFS Project consists of a 450,000SF building with 3 separate freezers totaling in 315,000SF that is a 125’ tall rack supported building with 18” thick structural slabs. The slabs were completed in a total of 7 pours and achieved a FF75/FL45 flatness exceeding the specifications. Other work includes 125,000SF of tilt up panels, Loading dock slabs, densifier installation, and 500,000SF of exterior paving.

Costco Wholesale – Lynnwood, WA
Completed in 2015, this is the second Ductilcrete warehouse on the west coast, and closest to Costco’s main headquarters. The 155,000SF building, 3 POS freezers, and 2 elevated decks were completed in 10 consecutive pours.

Washington Fruit – Yakima, WA
Starting work in 2009 the Washington Fruit complex consists of 2 apple processing plants, a home office and a cherry processing plant. Concrete flat work includes 630,000SF of slab on grade; 311,000SF of tilt up panels; 93,000SF elevated deck, and 225,000SF of exterior paving. All slab on grade received densifier installation.

1,000 Steps – Suncadia, WA
The 1,000 Steps project is located in Cle Elum, WA at Suncadia Resort. The project consists of 18 flights of colored stairs with 20 landings that have animal footprints stamped in them to go from the river bed up 20 stories to the lodge. During the pours of each set of stairs we used a 61 meter concrete pump from either the top or the bottom of the hill and some pours even had to have 100 ft. of slick line hose added to the end to make the point of placement. While not only having to pour on a slippery 40 degree slope of rocks our crews would build tents over the top of each set of stairs during placement to keep them out of the weather.

Columbia Reach – Yakima, WA
Since 2009 Columbia Reach has expanded fruit storage 4 times, added a 30,000SF packing line which was the first Ductilcrete slab in the valley and added 37 additional controlled atmosphere rooms which consist of 427,000SF of slab on grade, 354,000SF of tilt up panels, and 183,000SF of exterior paving.

Costco Wholesale – Salt Lake City, UT
Completed in 2012, Costco needed to expand their truck parking at the main west coast distribution center. Completed with a Ductilcrete design we were able to take the standard 9” concrete down to 7”. With typical accelerated schedule fashion Poppoff, Inc. completed the 225,000SF parking lot addition in 5 consecutive pours.

Costco Wholesale – Spanish Fork, UT
Completed in 2012, this was the first Ductilcrete warehouse on the west coast, consisting of the typical 155,000SF, joint spacing was moved to columns only with maximum panel sizes being at 54’ x 54’ resulting in an over 14,000LF saw cut joint reduction.

Other Projects:
Costco Wholesale – 62 US Warehouses Slab on Grade (Approximately 150,000SF EA) 2 warehouses in Puerto Rico, and consulting done in over 38 warehouses internationally.
Ace Hardware – Moxee, WA 810,000SF Slab on Grade, 107,000SF Slab on Deck, 240,000SF of paving and 222,000SF of tilt up panels for their distribution center.
Wal Mart – Grandview, WA 1.1 million SF slab on grade freezer and distribution center.